11 quick tips to make ‘walk-and-talk meetings’ work for you

Knole Park during a WATM (Taken by the author)

This was my view the other morning as I talked to a supplier in India about service changes in 2021.

Just before that, I’d climbed up the hill while confirming the plans for an upcoming virtual-away-day with some colleagues.

Both these conversations achieved what I needed, and the specific outcomes were as good as what I would have achieved sitting in front of my screen at home.

However, I was a mile or so away from my desk getting the added benefit of exercise, fresh air, and the exhilaration of discovering this inspirational view.

I’ve advocated walk-and-talk meetings since March…

Some home-office tips based on what works for me

So, in the UK we’re back into Lockdown 2.0 and realistically for office workers we don’t expect to be back in the office until well into next year. Even once we are in many cases it will never be five days a week again. That, combined with the fact that walk-and-talk meetings are going to be increasingly limited by the weather, temperature and lack of sunlight we really all need to have a great desk set up.

I’m no expert, beyond of course the 2000+ hours I’ve been doing it this year, but here are thoughts on what I’ve done…

Medium for beginners

I’m still learning but here are some of my tips

Screengrab by author of a Medium image search

In my recent post Are You New to Writing on Medium? I explained a little about photos.

In almost everyone “how to do well on Medium” type article, the author will point out the importance of an image. After the headline, it is the image that captures attention. As we all sadly know, the best written articles won’t get you eyeballs if you can’t grab people’s attention. Thus I fully support these views on headlines and images

Great v Good Enough

I’ve not yet built a data-driven view of what the best images are. I’m both relatively new to Medium — only a couple…

Sustainable Technology (SusTech 2030)

Opportunities for London SMEs focused on zero carbon

An exciting-sounding opportunity for SMEs (<£43m and <250 employees) registered within London who are:

Innovating around low-carbon solutions that reduce emissions or mitigate the effects of climate change

From the website:

Sustainable Innovation connects London SMEs with University academics and expert consultants to bring new clean tech products and services to market.

Our cohort structure provides sustainable businesses the access to the expertise, facilities and support they require to succeed. Participants get the appropriate support for their stage of development.

The fixed timeline enables SMEs to understand what they will receive, what is required of them, and what progress they…

Here are five answers it took me weeks to find out

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I spent the whole of September last year being muddled by Medium.

Here are some of the things I learnt over those first confusing weeks. Hopefully, they’ll help you if you’re at the start of your Medium journey.

1. No, there is no way of breaking down your daily analytics

Sure, the analytics screen for your post looks great, but you rapidly realize the actual insight you can gain is limited.

I spent days trying different approaches, loading different browsers, reviewing websites and Medium posts to no avail. You can not simply click a day and see what was viewed on that day.

I imagine this functionality will come soon, but right…

Some Realistic Life Management articles on the WFH / remote working topic

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In this first of our Realistic Life Management newsletters, we focus on articles related to working from home. (For the master list of our RLM tips go here)

Work from home set-up

Of real relevance, as we move well past the 12-month anniversary of working from home is the question of how to ensure your work-from-home setup is still optimal. In Is Now the Time for a Work-From-Home Reset? we consider some of the steps you might take.

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to sort out your space then now may be the time! There’s been lots of interaction around our How complete…

Sharing our latest Work From Home and remote working stories

Mind the animals! A view from a recent walk-and-talk meeting in the UK countryside.

Lots of interest in a couple of posts recently. In particular regarding work-from-home set-ups. If you haven’t seen these take a look.

Of real relevance, as we move past the 12-month anniversary of working from home is the question of how to ensure your work-from-home setup is still optimal. In Is Now the Time for a Work-From-Home Reset? we consider some of the steps you might take.

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to sort out your space then it is never too late. There’s been lots of interaction around our How complete is your WFH set-up?

Key points from a recent presentation to The Camelot Network

Social Card produced by Camelot for the author

In early May I got the chance to speak with The Camelot Network on the topic of insurance in an uncertain world. Rather too cutely that uncertain world meant I gave my short talk outside in a windstorm, but it seemed to gain traction with the audience anyhow. Thanks to those who raised associated points in the later discussion and with follow-ups afterwards.

Thank you also to David Clamp for the chance to speak to your colleagues alongside Maarten Ectors and Parul Kaul Green.

Below are the key points, relevant for just about anyone in any company. (On the broader…

My replies to Insly for their “5Qs with insurtech influencers” series

Screengrab from insly.com by the author

Back in 2017 Risto Rossar asked a number of insurtech influencers six questions about where the industry was going.

He got some great answers from Dr. Robin Kiera, James York, Sabina VanderLinden, Spiros Margaris, Rick Huckstep and me.

It’s been interesting reading what I said back then. Not all of it came to pass in the timelines I imagined, though I’m pleased that a number of the companies I mentioned are still going …

Last month the Insly team asked for an updated and I’m delighted to have shared my latest thoughts. (As has Robin Kiera.)

Below is a copy…

How experienced freelancers can earn with expert networks

Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash

A while back an ex-colleague left consulting. Bryon wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next and was taking a while to decide. I asked him how he was going to live during those months. This was when I learnt about the lucrative world of expert networks.

Day-in, day-out, in consulting firms, PE firms and hedge funds there are busy decisions makers who require rapid, succinct, dependable insight on new topics they need to understand better.

Sitting quietly behind the scenes, connecting these people with the relevant industry veterans and experts are a series of Expert Network companies, or Expert…

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I write on two themes: 1. Working-from-home, achievable improvements & realistic productivity lifehacks. 2. Tech for sustainability and digital transformation

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