11 quick tips to make ‘walk-and-talk meetings’ work for you

Knole Park during a WATM (Taken by the author)

Some home-office tips based on what works for me

Making money through other people’s actions?

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Newsletter 2. Introducing the community

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Liberty Mutual, Chubb make major ESG commitments

Understanding the language and acronyms around climate change and sustainability

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The glossary

  • B Corp — Businesses that meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
  • Carbon footprint — A measure of a group, individual or a company’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carbon sequestration — Carbon…

Newsletter 1. Great to get this started.

Climate risks to add $183bn to property insurance costs by 2040, Swiss Re predicts

Seeing stats as “real” books sell is even more addictive than counting Medium article Reads

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There’s more to building a digital company than using the word ‘digital’.

Photo by author of a limited-run t-shirt produced by InsTech London

A SusTech 2030 interactive webinar

Learn how your personal investments can make a difference in the Climate Crisis

We want to show you exactly where your money is going, what it is funding and where it could be better invested if you care about preventing a climate catastrophe.

SusTech 2030

Paolo Cuomo

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